Baltimore Criminal Defense Lawyer

There is no such thing as a minor criminal offense. If you have been convicted or receive probation, you could be barred from certain careers and tagged for the rest of your life with a criminal record. An experienced defense lawyer can help get you the answers you need about how an arrest can affect your future. I am Charles L. Waechter, an experienced and dedicated criminal defense attorney. I have been defending people charged with federal and state felony and misdemeanor offenses and crimes for more than 28 years. Every case is distinct and fact-specific.

I am well known within the legal community both in Maryland and nationwide as an effective criminal defense lawyer defending those accused of manufacturing, distributing, and possessing banned images on the Internet. While the Law Offices of Charles L. Waechter has a strong focus on sex offense cases, I also defend people in all types of criminal defense matters, including traffic violations.

I am an experienced Baltimore criminal defense lawyer and DUI attorney committed to helping clients understand their options clearly and make right decisions. Contact the law firm to schedule a free initial consultation regarding any criminal charges, including the following:

Do You Have a Defense?

As a lawyer, I believe in being straight with you about whether you can beat the charges or whether a favorable plea negotiation is your best option. I will be up-front about the consequences you will face for any guilty plea, which may include jail time, probation, sex offender registration or a criminal history that will make it harder for you to find work.

My clients come from throughout the entire Maryland region, surrounding states, as well as South Florida. I welcome inquiries from people accused of sex crimes and other criminal offenses in states, counties and communities including the following:

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I'm known as a hard-hitting, aggressive criminal defense lawyer who will work tirelessly to minimize any consequences you face for your arrest and put you back in control of your life. If you face criminal charges, contact me, Baltimore criminal defense attorney Charles L. Waechter, to learn how I can help.