Baltimore County Child Sexual Abuse Lawyer

If you are convicted of child sexual abuse or physical child abuse, you may go to jail or prison for a long time. You may be required to pay high fines and other penalties. You may be required to pay for parenting classes. You may be required to register as a child sexual offender for life. You may lose custody of your children. You may lose your job. You may have a permanent criminal record that will follow you for years or for a lifetime. Every time you apply for any job, you will have to explain it again. You may be banned from certain types of jobs.

For all these reasons, it is worth your while to pursue any path to preservation of your freedom and your reputation. A strong defense in the face of criminal charges of child sexual abuse or physical child abuse should include a review of evidence against you. Is the child or other witness credible? Can it be proven that you committed the acts that you are accused of?

Determining whether the child should be believed may be a job for an expert witness such as a child psychologist. Many clients of the Law Offices of Charles L. Waechter have had cases dismissed after evidence against them was found to be too weak to support a conviction. I represent clients from Baltimore County and throughout Maryland. Charged with physical child abuse? Lawyer representation is critical to your future well-being if you face these allegations.

Even if there is some truth to the allegations against you, you still may not be guilty as charged. It is very important for you not to try to talk your way out of accusations and criminal charges before you are represented by knowledgeable legal counsel. You may unwittingly hurt your case by trying to explain away a child's accusations of abuse or sexual abuse.

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