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A child's testimony has the power to bring your career to a halt and send you to prison if a prosecutor, judge or jury believes the child's word over yours. If you have been accused or criminally charged with child sexual abuse or physical child abuse, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Learn about your rights and discuss the best strategies for your defense after you have been charged with a crime involving a child.

Aggressive Defense Against Child Abuse Charges in Frederick

You can request a free initial consultation with Charles L. Waechter to discuss your child abuse charges in Maryland. Physical child abuse? Attorney representation can mean the difference between jail time and freedom. Even if some regrettable incident did, in fact, take place, you owe it to yourself to seek the most favorable outcome for the sake of your future.

Child abuse and child sexual abuse charges can result in the loss of your freedom, your reputation and your parental rights. You may even be required to register as a child sexual offender for life. An experienced defense lawyer can help you take immediate steps to protect your rights.

At the Law Offices of Charles L. Waechter, Attorney at Law, I have more than 28 years of experience defending people throughout Maryland who are accused of abusing children. I offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case at my offices in Baltimore, Annapolis, Ocean City or Bel Air.

Were you accused of striking a child, beating a child, spanking a child with a belt or molesting, fondling or raping a minor? Whatever the charges and whatever the circumstances, the one sure thing is that you need aggressive criminal defense. This legal challenge could be a pivotal battle for your future. All that you work for could be lost — or salvaged — through your response to the criminal charges of child sexual abuse or physical child abuse.

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If you face child abuse or child sexual abuse charges in Maryland, contact me, criminal defense attorney Charles L. Waechter, for help.