Howard County Child Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Criminal charges of child sexual abuse or physical child abuse can have a number of debilitating consequences:

  • Potential jail or prison time: loss of freedom
  • Personal and/or family troubles: loss of reputation
  • Child custody problems: loss of parental rights
  • Career troubles: loss of the right to work in jobs involving contact with minors
  • A criminal record: loss of opportunities
  • A conviction may also require you to register as a sexual child offender for life.

In light of these very serious ramifications of a conviction for child sexual abuse or physical child abuse, you are urged to contact me, Charles L. Waechter, attorney at law. From law offices in Baltimore, Annapolis, Bel Air and Ocean City, I represent people throughout the state of Maryland, in communities and regions such as Howard County. My goal in every case is to achieve the best outcome for the client that we can achieve together.

Understanding Child Sexual Abuse Charges

Most parents understand that striking a child on the face or beating a child is wrong — and a criminal act. However, parents may not know that traditional punishments such as spanking a child with a belt or washing a child's mouth out with soap may also be considered child abuse. Part of a strong defense in a child abuse case may include required participation in parenting classes where this area of the law is clarified.

Child sexual abuse, including molestation, fondling or rape of a minor, is a felony. Perpetrators of child sexual abuse are more often people other than a child's natural mother or father. A strong defense in a child sexual abuse case will most likely include a close examination of the child's credibility as a witness.

Treatment Programs

If your case is headed for court, I encourage you to enroll in a parenting class or sexual disorder treatment program as is appropriate. Voluntarily seeking treatment can take years off of a prison sentence in the event of a conviction.

Free Consultation With an Experienced Child Abuse Defense Attorney

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