Washington County Child Sexual Abuse Attorney

Be extra careful who you talk to and what you say if you have been accused of child sexual abuse or physical child abuse. It is not unusual for police investigators to attempt to get you to confess to a crime before you have had the chance to prepare to meet a prosecutor or appear in court. Insist on your right to consult with a lawyer before saying or doing anything that might hurt your case after you have been accused of child abuse. Contact me, Charles L. Waechter, experienced Maryland physical child abuse attorney, to schedule a consultation.

Protecting Your Interests in the Criminal Justice System

I can help get the facts out after you have been charged with child sexual abuse or physical child abuse. I am prepared to advise you in the most promising strategy, depending on your position about the criminal charges:

  • Do you contend that you are absolutely innocent and believe you have been framed?
  • Do you believe that relatively harmless actions were misinterpreted and exaggerated in a bald-faced attack on your integrity?
  • Do you think your ex is trying to get the advantage in child custody?
  • Do you acknowledge that you made a mistake, but do not believe that mistake represents the whole picture in your relationship with the child or children involved?
  • Do you know you have a problem and need help with anger management or treatment for a sex-related disorder?

Whatever your stance regarding the truth about what happened, remember that our task at hand is to protect you from negative consequences that can come through the legal justice system. Perhaps you acknowledge that you made a mistake, but you are still not guilty as charged. Let your defense attorney guide you through the maze of the criminal justice system, and keep your freedom and your reputation intact as far as is possible.

Defenses in Child Abuse and Child Sexual Abuse Cases

In Maryland, child abuse may consist of striking a child on the face, beating a child, spanking a child with a belt or washing a child's mouth out with soap. Child sexual abuse, a felony, may take the form of molestation, fondling or rape of a minor. If your case is headed for court, I may advise you to enroll in a parenting class or a sexual disorder treatment program if it is appropriate in your case. At the same time, I am prepared to work with experts to help determine whether the child who accused you has a lack of credibility.

Free Consultation With an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

If you face child abuse or child sexual abuse charges in Washington County or anywhere in Maryland, contact me, criminal defense attorney Charles L. Waechter, at my offices in Baltimore, Annapolis, Bel Air or Ocean City to learn how I can help protect your rights and your future.