Worcester County Criminal Attorney

If you have been arrested for a crime in Worcester County, you have questions. What penalties do I face? What are my chances? What should I do?

As your defense lawyer, I can answer your questions and provide you with a straightforward assessment of your case. I am Charles L. Waechter, a Worcester County criminal lawyer with more than 30 years of experience. I will stand by your side and protect your rights throughout the process.

For answers to your questions about criminal charges in Worcester County, contact my office. I provide free consultations and knowledgeable advice to clients throughout Maryland.

Skilled Defense Lawyer in Ocean City and Snow Hill

I have experience handling all types of criminal charges, though I focus my practice on representing clients who have been charged with possession or distribution of child pornography. Whether you are charged with child pornography in federal court or with drunk driving in state court, I can provide you with knowledgeable advice and skilled defense.

Thorough investigation is at the heart of every criminal defense, from sex crimes to assault charges. By carefully reviewing the circumstances that led to your arrest, I can work to have your charges dismissed or the penalties reduced in your case.

For example, if you were arrested for a drug crime and law enforcement officers illegally searched your home to seize evidence, I can make a motion to suppress that evidence. This can keep the illegally obtained evidence out of the courtroom and out of the sight of the jury or judge in your case.

Free Consultation With an Experienced Attorney

No matter the charges you are facing, I can help. Contact me, Worcester County criminal lawyer, Charles L. Waechter, to discuss your case in a free consultation. I have offices in Ocean City, Bel Air, Annapolis and Baltimore for your convenience.