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Could Probation Before Judgment be the right solution for you?

If you have been arrested for your first crime, you may be worried and scared. You may also be wondering what sort of options you have. Maryland has a program for first-time offenders that may help you. The Probation Before Judgment (PBJ) law allows offenders to complete a probation program without having a conviction on your record. Here are a few things you should know about PBJ:

What to expect at your honor code hearing

Depending on where you attend college, you could end up in front of the honor code board for any number of missteps, from cheating on a test to sexual misconduct. If you or your child has been called for a hearing before the honor code board, you are probably worried about what it means for the future. Although your attorney will help you prepare for the process at your particular school, here are a few things you can generally expect at your hearing

Will I find a job after a conviction?

You have done your time and paid your fines, but now you are trying to get your life back together. As you start looking for a job, it is only normal to worry about what having a criminal conviction on your record will mean for your employment chances.

When college partying takes a wrong turn

College itself is a freeing experience, especially for those living either in the dorms, in a house or apartment with friends or at a fraternity or sorority house. After 18 years of living under the same roof with mom and dad, you can finally do what you want: stay up late, stay out until whenever and drink without having to worry about your parents smelling the drinks on your breath.

Loved one struggling with addiction? You are not alone.

We live in world where everyone knows someone who is struggling with drug addiction. Even sadder to say, we all probably know someone who has even lost their life due to an addiction. Whether it’s a friend or family member – we are in the midst of an epidemic here in the United States with no sign of slowing down.

Busting 3 common police questioning myths

You may think that you have to answer the questions that police are asking you, but the truth is that you do not. In fact, the only information you have to give police is your name – and in many cases – leaving it at that may make the most sense.

3 common college student drinking crimes

Spring break is right around the corner. Just next month, you will have the entire week off from classes. While many students are deciding to travel - even take off to a warmer location - there are many others who are just staying in the area, planning to enjoy a much needed break.

Can you serve time after a college fight?

When it comes to college parties and drinking, things can get out of hand rather quickly. One second everyone is having a good time – and the next second a fight is about to break out. Whether you were at a bar having a few drinks with friends, or were at a house party, know that a fight – or even just the threat of a fight – can result in criminal charges. 

Even with dispensaries, marijuana still illegal for many

Medical marijuana is legal in Maryland and the first dispensary opened in December. However, students on campuses across the state should not take this news to mean that laws regarding marijuana use are now lax. Those caught with weed – on or off campus -- can still face legal consequences.

What to do after a DUI arrest

It’s officially 2018. And while the new year offers motivation for new beginnings for many, if you were recently one of the many arrested for drinking and driving either on New Year’s Eve – or any of the days leading up to the new year – 2018 may not be looking all that hopeful right now.