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Child Pornography Archives

Is Big Brother Watching Your Online Activity?

The Fourth Amendment gives every U.S. citizen the right to privacy. The government can only invade your home, search your person - or monitor your emails or Internet activity - in certain circumstances. Unless stringent requirements are met, any unwarranted invasion of privacy by police departments or federal agents is unconstitutional and illegal.

Child pornography: Defend your rights in Maryland

Distributing pornography online isn't always illegal, but when it involves people who are minors, it becomes a very serious offense that can be punished on two levels. In Maryland, you can face both state and federal prosecution for being caught distributing, collecting, or watching child pornography. Knowing the legal defenses for sex crimes is vital in your situation.

Man from Maryland jailed for child porn sentence

Charges for child pornography can lead to jail time and fines, and you may face unwanted scrutiny at work or at home. You aren't guilty of a crime until you're convicted, and it's important that you remember that you have every right to see a defense that can protect you from a bias in the courts. Your case could be similar to this one that took place in Maryland.