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Drunk Driving Charges Archives

Underage drunk drivers can pay a big price in Maryland

The fact that it's illegal for anyone under 21 to drink alcohol doesn't prevent young people under that age -- many of them still in their teens -- from drinking and then taking the wheel. While just 10 percent of drivers are under 21, these drivers account for 17 percent of fatal crashes involving alcohol.

A DUI can have consequences for your college career and beyond

When teens go away to college, they leave most of their parental restrictions behind. For many young people, that leads to some missteps, like staying out late partying when they have a test the next day. Some missteps are far more serious, like drinking and driving.

Binge drinking down but still an issue on college campuses

College is often the time when many young people first drink alcohol, even though they're still underage. It flows freely at many fraternities, sororities and other places where students party. Moderation in drinking or anything else can be difficult for young people to embrace.

Maryland delegate's drunk driving sentence reduced by judge

A Maryland state legislator only has to serve serve two days behind bars for a DUI charge from last summer. According to the judge in the case, he suspended most of Delegate Richard Impallaria's 60-day sentence based on the circumstances behind his arrest, which he described as "lying in wait."

Should Maryland have mandatory minimums for DUI homicides?

The Maryland General Assembly passed a bill that went into effect last fall called Noah's Law. The law implemented stricter penalties for people convicted of DUI offenses. However, some Marylanders say that the penalties for DUI homicide are still not strict enough.