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Drunk Driving Charges Archives

Maryland police officers facing multiple charges, including DUI

As we've noted here before, law enforcement officers aren't immune from making the mistake of drinking and driving. Just like civilians, they can be arrested and charged with DUI-related offenses. A DUI charge can also immediately impact their job.

Alcohol is being offered everywhere from yoga classes to funerals

It sometimes seems as though alcohol is available just about everywhere. Many hair salons offer clients a glass of wine. Yoga and painting classes sometimes make alcohol available. Book club meetings and even children's play dates are often an excuse for people to have a glass of wine (or a few). Bowling alleys have long sold beer and other alcoholic beverages. Some gun ranges even serve alcohol on their premises.

Do state DUI laws impact the number of impaired driving deaths?

A new report on how states rank in the number of deaths caused by drunk and other impaired driving puts Maryland in the bottom half at No. 33. Our readers who work or otherwise travel regularly around the D.C. metropolitan area might be interested to know that Virginia came in slightly better, at No. 37, and Washington D.C. was lower still at No. 45.

SoberRide promotion aims to decrease drunk driving this season

If your holiday celebrations take you near or into the Washington, D.C., area any time through New Year's Eve and you have the Lyft app on your phone, you can save some money and get a safe ride home. That's thanks to a partnership between Lyft and the Washington Regional Alcohol Program (WRAP).

State sees more than 2 dozen DUI crashes in 1 weekend

The holiday party season is in full swing. That's likely the reason for at least a few of the large number of crashes attributed to impaired driving and an even greater number of DUI arrests by state troopers two weekends before Christmas.

What is an SR-22 and why do you need one?

One of the repercussions of a DUI conviction that stays with you long after you've paid your fines, gotten your license back, completed your alcohol education classes and maybe even spent a little time behind bars is the drastic jump in your auto insurance premiums. You may have heard about the SR-22 form but not know exactly what it is. If you're convicted of driving under the influence (DUI), you'll learn. It's the only way you'll be able to be an insured driver for a time.

State leaders continue to push for harsher DUI penalties

Even though Maryland has always had strict penalties for those convicted of DUI-related offenses, the governor and state lawmakers have taken steps in recent years to reduce the state's continued high rate of crashes -- many of them fatal -- that involved a drunk driver. These measures have increased the penalties for those convicted of DUI-related offenses.

Driver in fatal DUI involving Maryland man gets 2 decades in jail

A 25-year-old South Carolina man was sentenced to two decades behind bars earlier this month for a fatal drunk driving crash that killed a Maryland college student a year ago. It's one of the harshest sentences handed down for a fatal DUI in that state in recent years.

Ex-Baltimore bishop involved in fatal DUI denied early release

Many people in the Baltimore area are familiar with the case of the Episcopal bishop who struck and killed a man who was riding a bicycle in 2014 while she was under the influence. She then left the scene -- returning a half an hour later after others had called 911 and stopped to give first aid to the man. She was sentenced to seven years in prison for four separate charges.

The 'deadliest holiday on our roads' is just around the corner

If your Thanksgiving Day plans include a couple of glasses of wine, some spiked egg nog or a few beers at a family member or friend's home, make a plan to get home that doesn't involve driving. The same is true if you're going out after work on "Thanksgiving Eve."