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Marijuana Archives

Work with attorney to protect your rights under state medical marijuana program

Baltimore readers have likely heard that the state of Maryland will soon be launching its medical marijuana program. Last month, state officials began preparing to issue licenses for dispensaries and cultivation centers. The activity comes over two years after medical marijuana was legalized.

Work with an experienced attorney when facing marijuana charges

In our last couple posts, we’ve been discussing Governor Hogan’s decision to accommodate the requests of police unions and veto two bills that would have brought reform to certain marijuana laws and the civil assets forfeiture process. Our discussion so far has revolved around the political decision behind the veto.

Renewed efforts to legalize marijuana still precarious

Maryland readers are probably all aware of the discussions currently going on among lawmakers regarding the possibility of passing a measure to legalize marijuana. As elsewhere, public support for such a measure has increased in recent years, and although previous proposals in Maryland to legalize the controlled substance have failed, proponents in the legislature say it is only a matter of time before enough support is generated. Only time will tell, however.

What are the penalties for marijuana offenses in DC and Maryland?

While the national debate rages on as to whether marijuana should be legalized or not, it is easy to forget that on a federal level the substance is still considered illegal. Many states, and even counties, are changing their laws to decriminalize marijuana. So let's talk about some of the offenses that are related to marijuana, and how decriminalization is impacting the law.