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Underage Drinking Archives

Is there still a culture of drinking at elite Maryland schools?

Much of the media attention surrounding Judge Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings after he was nominated to be the newest Supreme Court justice centered around his high school years at the prestigious Georgetown Preparatory School, known more commonly as Georgetown Prep, in Bethesda.

Task force will recommend changes to state liquor laws

Earlier this year, Maryland legislators authorized a task force to study potential changes to the state's liquor laws, as well as who should enforce those laws and regulate the industry. Currently, these responsibilities belong to the Office of the Comptroller. Among other things, the task force will look at whether a different agency might be better equipped to handle them.

Which college students are most likely to be binge drinkers?

If you're a parent who's talked to your college student about the dangers of binge drinking but find that your words have fallen on deaf ears, you're not alone. A study of 300 college students who admitted to consuming at least 34 alcoholic drinks in the past month that was recently published in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association had some interesting -- and somewhat disheartening -- findings.

Why college kids are especially in danger of alcohol poisoning

We've discussed here the multitude of dangers for young people exposed to large amounts of alcohol when they go off to college. Consuming a lot of alcohol in a short span of time is known as binge drinking and can be dangerous and potentially fatal because the body isn't able to absorb the alcohol at the rate it's being ingested.

Study indicates link between heavy teen drinking and osteoporosis

Most parents know and try to convey to their children that drinking alcohol at a young age can lead to all sorts of bad things. The first consequences that come to mind are often car crashes, drunk driving arrests, alcohol poisoning and assault. However, drinking at a young age can also have consequences on a person's body far into adulthood.

Parents can prevent underage drinking this Fourth of July

Many Americans can't imagine celebrating the Fourth of July without alcohol. Beer, wine and stronger stuff are staples of most holiday cookouts and parties. Unfortunately, this means easy access to alcohol for teens and even younger kids.

What are colleges doing to prevent underage drinking?

If you're sending your child off to college in the fall, whether here in Maryland or across the country, you're likely nervous about the kinds of things he or she will be exposed to, e.g., copious amounts of alcohol. You may find some assurance in the knowledge that colleges and universities are taking steps to curb underage drinking among their student bodies by implementing policies that prohibit it and penalties for those who fail to adhere to those policies.

Schools using random breath tests at events to prevent drinking

Kids have been sneaking alcohol into high school sporting events, dances, graduations and other functions since our grandparents' time -- and probably before that. While many high schools require kids who are suspected of being under the influence to submit to Breathalyzer tests, now there's a growing trend across the country to administer these tests randomly before kids can get into an event.