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Underage Drinking Archives

Study looks at binge drinking among underage college women

College women are catching up to their male counterparts in a very dangerous area: binge drinking. Also known as heavy episodic drinking (HED), it's defined as consuming at least four alcoholic drinks within two hours. It has increased among American female college students by 40 percent in the past three decades.

How easy is it for underage kids to get alcohol?

Parents of teens may not want to hear it, but many junior high and high school kids drink alcohol. Even if your child doesn't drink, he or she likely has been around kids who do. Where they obtain that alcohol and how easy it is for them to get may be unsettling.

Maryland laws related to underage drinking

Young people under the legal drinking age can find all kinds of ways to get alcohol if they're determined to do so. Possession, consumption or purchase of alcohol is illegal for anyone under 21, and one offense can result in a $500 fine. That amount gets doubled for the second or any subsequent offense.

Why driving with a hangover can be as dangerous as drunk driving

As the responsible parent of a high school or college student, you've talked to your child about the health and legal risks of underage drinking (particularly binge drinking) and driving under the influence. However, there's also another potentially dangerous alcohol-related activity that even many adults don't consider -- hungover driving.

When can police require you to open a beverage holder?

People often use water bottles and other beverage containers like thermoses to carry alcohol and other substances in places where they are forbidden. Whether it's an Evian bottle filled with vodka or an insulated Ravens bottle filled with a cannabis-infused beverage, it may seem easy to fool those in charge of enforcing regulations.

What are your rights if your party attracts the police?

Maryland college students will soon be coming home for winter break. Many will be attending multiple parties and perhaps even throwing some. While some kids say, "It's not a party unless the cops show up," the reality can be frightening and have potentially serious consequences.

Why alcohol is more dangerous for women than men

All parents should be concerned about their high school and college-age kids engaging in underage drinking. However, those with daughters should be particularly conscientious about whether they are starting to drink at a young age. They could suffer harmful health impacts as they get older if they drink more than moderate levels of alcohol.

Why Thanksgiving weekend brings lots of drinking

Many young people will soon be returning home for Thanksgiving break for the first time since going off to college. That means catching up with hometown friends as well as family. They won't be alone in the restaurants and bars throughout Maryland over Thanksgiving weekend.