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Posts tagged "Field Sobriety Tests"

Should you do your own field sobriety tests before driving?

You've been at a holiday party or perhaps at a friend's house for an afternoon of watching football. When it comes time to leave, you can't recall how much you've had to drink and have no idea if you're over the legal limit for driving. Can you try to recreate the standard field sobriety tests used by police officers to see if you'd pass?

What factors can impact your blood alcohol content (BAC)?

We've all seen the charts that show how many drinks a person of a specific gender and weight needs to consume to reach various blood alcohol content (BAC) levels. Those charts are approximations at best. However, too many people use them to determine when they've had enough.

How do disabilities factor in to field sobriety tests?

Many of the standard field sobriety tests that police officers administer when they pull someone over for suspected drunk driving require some level of balance, coordination and physical agility. They involve activities including standing on one leg, and walking and turning, that can be difficult if someone is under the influence. However, they can be impossible for people with a multitude of disabilities as well as physical limitations caused by age or weight.

What is the horizontal gaze nystagmus test?

If you were pulled over for suspected drunk driving and officers administered the standard roadside field sobriety tests, one of them was the horizontal gaze nystagmus (HGN) test. This may have just seemed like an officer was shining a light in your eyes and asking you to follow their finger. How could that determine whether you were under the influence, and can it be used in court to convict you?

How to successfully make it through a Labor Day DUI checkpoint

This Labor Day weekend, Maryland drivers shouldn't be surprised if they encounter a DUI checkpoint. These police encounters can make anyone nervous, even if they haven't had anything to drink. Unfortunately, too many people do foolish things in and near these checkpoints out of nervousness and sometimes guilt.

Failing a Breathalyzer test may not lead to a DUI conviction

Whenever Maryland law enforcement officers stop someone for suspected drunk driving, one of the most commonly-administered roadside field sobriety tests is a Breathalyzer. This device measures the amount of alcohol on a person's breath, which correlates to the amount in their blood.

Evidence that can lead to a DUI arrest and conviction

You were pulled over by a police officer on suspicion of DUI. You "passed" the Breathalyzer test, registering lower than .08 percent blood alcohol content (BAC). However, the officer arrested you anyway. How is that possible?

Boating under the influence can have serious consequences

Now that spring is finally making its way to Maryland, many residents are planning their first boating excursion of the year. While for some people, having a few beers or a glass of wine is part of a day out on the water, if you're the one operating the boat, you have to be careful.