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Posts tagged "Underage Drinking"

Despite all the warnings, DUIs increase on Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday isn't an official holiday. However, for many Americans, it feels like one -- particularly if "your" team is playing. Even people who barely know the rules of football often find themselves at parties and in bars on Super Bowl Sunday just for the fun, camaraderie, food, and of course, the drinks.

Would you know if your child was drinking?

The holidays are a time when many parents and teens spend more time around each other than usual. This can give parents a better opportunity to detect signs that their child is drinking. Even if they tell you they aren't, holiday parties and get-togethers with friends often include alcohol.

Give your teen a safe way out of an unsafe situation

If you have kids in their teens, they may be encountering things at parties and just hanging out with friends that are new for them. Some kids may be bringing alcohol or drugs with them. Others may be planning an activity that could end badly -- like taking the parents' Lamborghini for a spin while they're not home.

Some tips for avoiding alcohol at holiday parties

Whether you've stopped drinking and are in recovery or you've made a commitment to yourself not to drink if you'll be driving, the holidays can test your resolve. Holiday parties can be particularly difficult for young people who are especially vulnerable to peer pressure.

Why you should consider letting your teen host a holiday party

With everything there is to do this holiday season, perhaps the last thing you want to consider is letting your teen host a party for friends and classmates in your home. However, there are some good reasons for doing so.

Is there still a culture of drinking at elite Maryland schools?

Much of the media attention surrounding Judge Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings after he was nominated to be the newest Supreme Court justice centered around his high school years at the prestigious Georgetown Preparatory School, known more commonly as Georgetown Prep, in Bethesda.

Task force will recommend changes to state liquor laws

Earlier this year, Maryland legislators authorized a task force to study potential changes to the state's liquor laws, as well as who should enforce those laws and regulate the industry. Currently, these responsibilities belong to the Office of the Comptroller. Among other things, the task force will look at whether a different agency might be better equipped to handle them.

Which college students are most likely to be binge drinkers?

If you're a parent who's talked to your college student about the dangers of binge drinking but find that your words have fallen on deaf ears, you're not alone. A study of 300 college students who admitted to consuming at least 34 alcoholic drinks in the past month that was recently published in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association had some interesting -- and somewhat disheartening -- findings.