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Posts tagged "College Honor Board Hearings"

Know the law: College students face criminal and educational sanctions

Across the U.S., many colleges are under the spotlight for claims of sexual assault. Not only is there concern over the frequency of these claims, but school administrators are facing increasing pressure when it comes to disciplinary actions. People want to see justice, and in many cases, the public is deciding the accuser is guilty before the case even makes its way through trial.

6 ways your college freshman can get in trouble his first week on campus

It's normal for parents to be worried as their high school graduates prepare to go to college. There are many ways for a college student to get in trouble on a campus, which is why it's important to be aware of the common issues and potential consequences.

A new bills requires colleges to crack down on sex offenses

Even after growing up in an era where "no means no," many young college students still lack the necessary knowledge when it comes to consent for sex. Many lawmakers and individuals also believe higher-level educational institutions have responded to sexual assault allegations with ineffective investigative and disciplinary processes.

Don't Get Caught With Drugs On Campus

The time between finals and winter break is the perfect time to celebrate. Many students squeeze in one last party before heading home for the holidays. Unfortunately, if caught on campus with drugs - even a small amount of marijuana - there's a chance you won't be able to return to school for spring semester.

When Homecoming Gets Out Of Hand

Homecoming is a time to cut loose, cheer on your school's football team and show your school pride at campus events and private parties. No one thinks it will end with criminal charges and possible expulsion from college. Unfortunately for some college students, that is the harsh reality.