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Increased DUI patrols now through the New Year

The holidays are a time of parties and entertaining. At many of these events, alcohol will be present. To ensure that drivers stay safe this holiday season, the police will be out in greater numbers this coming week and on the look-out for possible drunk driving.

Blackout Wednesday - The biggest drinking night of the year

There are some nights that seem to be obvious contenders for being big drinking nights, such as New Years Eve and Saint Patrick's Day. However, another evening appears to have both of these beat: the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

Do I have to submit to field sobriety tests if I'm pulled over for a DUI?

Even if it's just for speeding or having a brake light out, being pulled over isn't anyone's idea of a good time. If you've been drinking, however, seeing lights and hearing sirens behind you can bring on an entirely new level of anxiety. If an officer suspects you of driving under the influence of alcohol, one of the first things he will usually do is ask you to step out of the car for a field sobriety test. These tests can include both balancing exercises and a Breathalyzer to measure your blood-alcohol content.

Protecting Your Driver's License After A DUI

Did you ring in 2016 with a little too much to drink, and then get behind the wheel? You are not alone. New Years Eve is one of the biggest nights for drunk driving charges. Unfortunately, if you were charged with a DUI you have to face the consequences - one of which is a suspended driver's license.

What NOT To Do If You Get Pulled Over For A DUI This Holiday Season

If you are driving in the Baltimore area this holiday season, you can expect increased police patrols. Police know the holidays are a time when many people celebrate - and drink - and they are on the look-out for anyone whose had too much and gotten behind the wheel.