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Maryland man charged with sex crimes

A young man from Waldorf was charged with deceiving a male friend about engaging in a sex act via a message on Facebook. The 20-year-old man allegedly lied to a male companion about engaging in a sex act with a female at a hotel room. When the friend said he wasn’t interested, the man lied to him stating a woman had expressed a sexual interest in him and wanted to meet with him at a local hotel.

Teenager gets 10-year sentence for molesting young girl

When people in Maryland are convicted of a crime such as child sexual abuse, it can have an impact on them for the rest of their lives. When that person is relatively young, it can mean that the shadow of being a convicted sex offender and having to register as such can last for decades into the future.

Man sees sex assault conviction vacated, charges dropped

We have talked frequently on our Baltimore sex offenses defense blog about how charged with a sexual offense can be damaging to an individual's credibility and livelihood in the community. This is doubly true for someone who is an immigrant to our country. A conviction on some type of sexual abuse charge could lead to deportation proceedings.