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Partying too hard could lead to serious criminal charges

The semester's over! Final exams are finally out of the way, so this means it's time to party, right? If you're attending some parties this year before heading home or for the holidays, know that your "participation" could lead to some pretty serious criminal charges if the cops get called. Also, if you are old enough to drink and share alcohol with underage friends, you too risk facing criminal charges.

University of Maryland beefing up sexual assault investigations

Not every young adult has an easy transition going from high school to college. High school students are juveniles who are given much latitude when it comes to their actions, and have their parents present to lean on when things go south. College students are legally adults and must take full responsibility for mistakes.

College Board Honor Code Violation Hearings Regarding Sexual Misconduct

Generally, social honor code violations, involve behavior that harms or threatens the physical, emotional or social well being of any member or guest of the college community. This type of behavior would be a social violation of the honor code. For purposes of the honor code, most colleges define sexual misconduct as any deliberate sexual behavior or contact with the threat of sexual contact without the other parties consent. Examples include, but are not limited to: