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Sex Crimes Archives

Supreme Court considers sex offender ban on social media

The Supreme Court is considering a case involving a North Carolina ban on sex offenders using social media. It is common for states to impose strict rules on sex offenders, to prevent them from coming into contact with minors. Most of these bans are focused on geographic restrictions however most, if not all states, also restrict Internet use. The Internet is seen as a fertile ground for pedophiles to find potential victims therefore the states limit or prohibit its use by sex offenders.

Investigation reveals widespread sexual exploitation of gymnasts

An extensive investigation conducted by USA Today and the Indianapolis Star found the rampant sexual exploitation of young gymnasts, primarily girls, by coaches, assistants, and other people associated with competitive gymnastics. The investigation covers a broad period from the 1980s to the present and details the culture in USA Gymnastics (the overarching USA Olympics gymnastic organization) that enabled sexual predators to continue coaching students, even after evidence of their impropriety had arisen.

Overview of online crimes that can land you in prison

The Internet is a fraught place with many potential crimes that can land you in prison. It is crucial that you exercise good practices when you utilize the Internet or risk getting caught in an FBI or other law enforcement agency?s online dragnet. Many online crimes are being vigorously prosecuted to discourage other people from engaging in them. Thus, you must do your best to stay clean online.

Sextortion: what is it?

Teenagers, college kids, and other young adults often engage in risky behavior. It is normal for kids to push the boundaries and experiment, an inevitable byproduct of growing up. Unfortunately, with camera phones and the Internet, some of these mistakes can follow them around for the rest of their lives. This post will go over how hackers are using nude photos to extort people.

Study finds campus rapists are repeat offenders

If you watch any crime show, you know that criminals "evolve," meaning that they work themselves up to ever greater degrees of criminality. It means that criminals get more comfortable committing more heinous acts, the more crimes they commit. A study published in JAMA Pediatrics found that 25 percent of self-admitted sexual assaulters were repeat offenders. This post will go over these findings.

New ways to report sexual assault

An Oregon police department is experimenting with a new way to respond to sexual assault investigations. Sexual assaults remain highly stigmatized have exceedingly low reporting rates. Modern police departments continue to struggle with addressing and investigating sexual assault allegations. Moreover, when the police do investigate, the process is inconsistent and can have varying results.