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Sex Crimes Archives

Indefinite detention held constitutional by federal court

Many states have some version of a “civil” detention law. But few states are as expansive or restrictive as Minnesota’s. Earlier this month, a federal appeals courts upheld Minnesota’s restrictive detention law. The appeals court reversed the lower court decision, finding that detaining people beyond the length of their sentence serve a legitimate interest in protecting the public from dangerous people. This post will go over the impacts of this case and the implications it could have all over the country, including Maryland.

Judge in Brock Turner case cleared of misconduct

You are probably familiar with the Brock Turner case; he was charged with sexual assault after he was found copulating with an unconscious young woman. While Mr. Turner was found guilty by the jury, the judge sentenced him to less than a year in jail. The case immediately resulted in severe public outrage and called for the judge to be impeached and removed from the bench.

Police crackdowns on prostitution

It may simply be the next media frenzy, but there have an unusual number of headlines concerning prostitution-related arrests. Prostitution, of course, sells ad time. It is salacious, sometimes involves prominent members of society and it is titillating. So this could simply be another example of the media eco-chamber amplifying everyday occurrences.

Attorney loses license for sexual assaulting clients

A lawyer from Ohio was disbarred and sentenced to 12 years in prison for using hypnotism to assault his clients sexually. It is important to note that this particular lawyer lost his license before he was even convicted or sentenced to prison. The speed with which the Ohio bar invalidated his license is illustrative of the multiple dangers that you could face if you are charged with sexual misconduct.

A new crime is emerging: sextortion

Sextortion is a new crime in which people use hacking, extortion, and sexual harassment to coerce a person into providing sexual images, favors, or money. This crime, while relatively new, is on the rise according to the FBI. This post will go over this new crime and how it may affect you.

Colleges are cracking down on parties to fight sexual assaults

Dozens of universities are cracking down on drinking on campus, off-campus, and for all students. The crackdown spans from the east coast to the west coast, and it takes a variety of forms. The one unifying goal is reducing alcohol consumption as a tool to combat sexual assault.

American sex tourist imprisoned in Costa Rica

A prominent sex tourism blogger was arrested in Costa Rica earlier in September. The blogger, David Strecker, built a prominent online website based on his adventures throughout South America, Central America, and the Caribbean. Mr. Strecker is an unabashed fan of prostitution and sex tourism. He published a book and garnered a significant following on his websites as he discussed his exploits.

California considers mandatory minimums after Stanford rape case

The notorious Stanford rape case that shook the nation earlier in the year got a new round of controversy. The California state government, in response to the perceived light sentence that Mr. Brock Turner received, is considering mandatory minimum sentences for those convicted of rape. Mr. Turner was arrested after he was discovered sexually assaulting a woman behind a dumpster after a party.

Rates of intimate partner violence

Sexual assault and rape are trigger words that people associate between strangers. Only someone who is "unknown" would do that to a woman. But data collected by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV), which collated information from a variety of sources including the FBI and Centers for Disease Control, found that violence between intimate partner is a significant portion of all sex-related crimes.

Recidivism risk factors for online crimes

A study found that initial studies into the rate of recidivism for online sex offenses appear to largely mirror that found in other sex crimes. But the researchers caution that larger and more comprehensive studies are required. The researchers posit that standard factors, like the age of the first offense, criminal history, and failure to comply with the conditional release are indicative of recidivism among child pornography offenders.