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Sex Crimes Archives

Maryland indecent exposure laws explained

Maryland, like many states, has indecent exposure laws. Indecent exposure is the intentional exposing of your genitals in a public place for sexual gratification or to alarm others. Maryland, unlike many states, has not codified indecent exposure. Therefore, it relies primarily on the judge-made law to outline the rules. Nonetheless, state law does employ many standard elements.

Which colleges have the highest reports of rape?

According to federal campus safety data, nearly 100 colleges and universities reported at least 10 or more rapes on their main campus. These numbers may sound like sexual assault is a growing epidemic, but many researchers believe that the growing number are a good indicator that students are coming forward and reporting the attacks.

Over 60 percent decline in sexual assaults against females

A study from the Bureau of Justice Statistics has found that sexual violence against females has declined by over 60 percent from 1995 to 2010. The study examined cases involving females ages 12 and older from 1995 to 2010. The study noted a 64 percent decline in sexual assaults. In 1995 there were 5.0 assaults per 1,000 females, in 2010 that number declined to 1.8 per 1,000. This post will explore this study and what it means in real life.

Megan's Law initiated sex offender registries

Megan's Law modifies the earlier Wetterling Act, which gives law enforcement more powers to track and find sex offenders. The first Megan's Law was passed in New Jersey following the rape and murder of seven-year-old Megan, mere feet from her home. It was later passed under the Clinton Administration and made federal law.

Pandering and pimping charges can stem from a variety of acts

Criminal investigations and trials are complicated. Often a single criminal act can result in multiple charges. Pimping is one of these crimes that often involve multiple criminal charges from the same act. This post will go over pimping and pandering and how you could face multiple charges.

Man goes to prison for crimes committed in Cambodia

The U.S. Federal Government has begun aggressively pursuing crimes committed overseas. It has expanded its reach from drugs, terrorism, human trafficking and into child sexual abuse. While the age of consent is usually at least 16 in most countries, most third world countries lack the funding or will to properly enforce these laws. As a result, an underground industry, "child sex tourism," evolved as a way for individuals from wealthy countries to travel to poorer countries to commit crimes. This case demonstrates that the government is beginning to go after these individuals.

Registered sex offender arrested for assaulting teenager

An unusual case from Westminster occurred last week, a registered sex offender allegedly kidnapped and sexually assaulted a young woman. This case is unusual because, in 87 percent of sexual assaults and four out of five rapes, the victim knows the attacker. Stranger assaults, like this one, while terrifying are not normal.

The Internet and sex crimes by the numbers

It should be common knowledge by now that the Internet has been a boon for sexual crime. The National Sex Offender Public Website compiled information from a variety of studies that details the exposure that children and adults face regarding online sexual solicitation and Internet-related crimes. This article will review those numbers and how they impact everyday life.

Man sentenced to 21 years for online child exploitation

This particular defendant was sentenced to federal prison by the Eastern District of Virginia. He was charged with several counts of possessing and producing child pornography. He was arrested for participating in and operating two websites that enticed and coerced children to engage in sex acts online. This story illustrates the dangers of conducting criminal activity online. The Internet is not always anonymous.