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Sex Crimes Archives

Man sentenced to 10 years for possessing child pornography

Child pornography and exploitation charges are serious because of the inherent bias that everyone holds toward these offenses. Judges, juries, prosecutors and sometimes even your defense attorney will hold bias or distaste toward you. Don't let these feelings influence your defense strategy or keep you from enforcing your rights. This particular individual, a 72-year-old man from Minnesota, was charged with and convicted on one count of possessing child pornography.

There is a national registry for sex offenders

In 2005, the federal government launched the National Sex Offender Public website as a way to connect the disparate lists maintained by state, tribal and territorial governments. The program was launched in response to sex offenders that travel between state lines and commit crimes. This article will go over this national registry and how it operates with the various state websites.

Prostitution is more than the oldest profession

Prostitution, despite some popular portrayals, is more than a simple transaction between a client and provider. It is done on the streets, in massage parlors, over the Internet or in someone's home. It is a complicated exchange that can implicate criminal conduct even before the actual sexual act takes place. This article will go over how a "John" (a purveyor of commercial sex) can become implicated in a crime, even before money or services are exchanged.

A new bills requires colleges to crack down on sex offenses

Even after growing up in an era where "no means no," many young college students still lack the necessary knowledge when it comes to consent for sex. Many lawmakers and individuals also believe higher-level educational institutions have responded to sexual assault allegations with ineffective investigative and disciplinary processes.

Understanding the legal system re sex crimes in Maryland

Being accused of criminal wrongdoing often has potentially long-lasting negative effects on a person's life. Especially when allegations involve sex crimes, the future of the accused may include having to register as an offender if a conviction is handed down. In light of the seriousness of such matters, it is typically advisable to retain experienced legal guidance when preparing to face such charges in Maryland.

Impactful part of sex crime sentencing: sex offender registry

When many people think of sentencing following criminal convictions, they think of prison sentences. Maybe they think of community service, probation or fines, too. But when it comes to a specific category of criminal offenses in Maryland, there is another highly powerful aspect of a person's sentence. 

When Homecoming Gets Out Of Hand

Homecoming is a time to cut loose, cheer on your school's football team and show your school pride at campus events and private parties. No one thinks it will end with criminal charges and possible expulsion from college. Unfortunately for some college students, that is the harsh reality.

Advocating for young people facing charges as an adult, P.2

In our last post, we began speaking about young people who face the prospect of criminal charges. As we mentioned, in addition to juvenile courts waiving jurisdiction, there are certain types of cases in Maryland where juvenile courts do not have jurisdiction.

Advocating for young people facing charges as an adult, P.1

For those who are new to the criminal justice system, facing criminal charges can be a scary prospect, and navigating the system can be downright confusing. When the offender is a teenager, the feeling of overwhelm must be considerable. Teenage offenders, of course, aren’t always tried as adults, but they are in certain serious cases.

College Board Honor Code Violation Hearings Regarding Sexual Misconduct

Generally, social honor code violations, involve behavior that harms or threatens the physical, emotional or social well being of any member or guest of the college community. This type of behavior would be a social violation of the honor code. For purposes of the honor code, most colleges define sexual misconduct as any deliberate sexual behavior or contact with the threat of sexual contact without the other parties consent. Examples include, but are not limited to: