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What is the defense of entrapment? P. 2

In our last post, we began speaking about the issue of entrapment, which is a legal defense that can be asserted in situations where an individual is induced to commit a crime during the course of a police investigation. Here we wanted to offer a couple more comments on the issue.

What is the defense of entrapment? P. 1

One of the points we made in our last post is that law enforcement officials have a great deal of resources at their disposal to investigate crime. Police not only have the ability to question suspects and search vehicles and homes, but also to go undercover, monitor internet activities, and wiretap phone lines. All of this, of course, in an effort to gather evidence of criminal activity.

Much to consider when it comes to sex offenses

Sexually-based crimes are inherently difficult crimes to talk about. There's a certain unpleasantness to the whole idea of a sexually-based crime that separates it from other offenses. Inherent to the whole conversation is that someone allegedly violated another person in a very profound and personal way. Such an offense simply can't be taken lightly and, thus, these offenses are harshly punished and vigorously pursued by the police and prosecutors.

Maryland man accused of sex crimes faces several charges

In the midst of the holiday season, shoppers are out in droves, bustling from store to store as they purchase gifts for loved ones or simply take advantage of seasonal discounts. Unfortunately, some of these people could become a victim of a crime. Police claim that three women in Maryland were attacked at a Metro station over the course of four days. A young man has now been charged with sex crimes as well as several other charges.

1989 case shaped the landscape of sex offender laws

Last week, we took a look at a complicated sex crime that involved a teacher who was once sexually abused by a teacher when he was a student. He then repeated his teacher's mistake entering a sexual relationship with one of his students. Obviously, it's a more complex sex crime than what you would think.

The curious sex crime case of teacher and student (Pt. 2)

Imagine that you're a high school student, and a person who you know well recently passed away. You're confused and conflicted, so you confide in one of your trusted teachers for help. Somehow, in the crazy, mixed-up emotional state the two of you are in, a sexual relationship evolves out of that.

The curious sex crime case of teacher and student (Pt. 1)

Before we get to a specific incident, let's talk about a difficult subject: sex crimes. The circumstances of such crimes vary wildly, but in general, these are crimes that deal with very sensitive issues, and they are often looked upon with horror by most people -- so much so that convicted sex offenders are often considered among the worst, if not the worst, criminals in the world.