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Drunk Driving Charges Archives

Law professor warns people, don't speak to police

When you are confronted with a police officer, a typical reaction is to start talking and sharing your story. Hardly anybody believes they committed a crime or did anything wrong, so most people believe that all they need to do is clear up the misunderstanding with the officer. Unfortunately, this approach usually results in an arrest and possible jail time.

A Breathalyzer for marijuana may be coming soon

Police officers in California are testing a new piece of technology from Hound Labs that measures THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. A smattering of devices tried to deliver on this promise before. However, this latest Breathalyzer appears to be the most promising. The device can measure THC in parts per trillion, therefore, it is significantly more sensitive than similar competitors.

How can a DUI attorney help you?

DUI/DWIs are serious crimes. DUIs can involve jail time, fines, forfeiture of property, a suspended drivers' license, and more. The last thing you need is to try and confront these charges on your own. A defense attorney will know the courts, police investigators, and prosecutors. A lawyer can guide and protect you through the process.

Self-driving cars, a boon to alcohol producers?

Several financial companies, including Morgan Stanley, believe the more sophisticated self-driving cars become, the more likely it will lead to a boom in business for restaurants that serve alcohol and alcohol producers. Primarily, the study believes that self-driving cars would permit people to imbibe alcohol without fear of endangering others on the road. It is thought that self-driving cars will radically change the alcohol market by allowing more people to drink, reducing drunk driving accidents, and perhaps even introducing new forms of sale, like drive-through alcohol purchases.

If arrested, do not speak to the police

The "false confession" is no urban myth. Innocent people falsely confess to crimes they didn't commit all the time. Unfortunately, few studies examine the rate of false confessions. Moreover, it's hard to measure because there is no way to know how many people "falsely" confess because statisticians can only measure people who are exonerated, not people who "falsely" confess. To put it another way, every person who is exonerated gave false confessions but not everyone who gave a false confession is exonerated.

Federal laws on reporting criminal arrests and convictions

In short, the answer depends on the depth of the employment background check. For example, if you hold a commercial driving license or if driving is an integral part of your job, then even an impaired driving charge that does not result in a conviction could impact your current and future employment. This post will address the various ways in which a DUI charge may show up on a background check.

The government is testing new technology to curb DUI/DWIs

Coming soon to a car near you are autonomous, passive, alcohol-blood testers. The Department of Transportation (DOT) is testing several new anti-drunk driving technologies it the hopes of rolling it out as an optional add-on to all cars by the end of the decade. Drunk driving accidents cause thousands of accidents and cost around 10,000 lives annually in the United States. It is believed that these new technologies can severely reduce or even eliminate drunk driving altogether.

How to determine if an attorney is right for you

Perhaps you are embroiled in legal issues you wish would simply disappear. Unfortunately, criminal charges do not go away unless you deal with them. A lawyer can assist you and is often the critical linchpin in your defense strategy. Here are a few tips to ensure that you find the perfect attorney to guide you through the courts.

Supreme Court requires police to obtain a warrant for blood tests

A common tactic among the police is to subject people who are arrested for driving under the influence charges to blood tests. They are especially useful if a particular person is involved in an accident. The blood test can be administered in the hospital while the person receives treatment. Before this ruling, the police argued that consent was implied. But now, police must obtain a warrant. This post will explore this ruling and how it affects police tactics.

Are you responsible for passenger's drinking alcohol in your car?

The short answer is, it depends on the state you live in. 43 states currently prohibit people from possessing "open containers" in public areas ? like streets, cars and sidewalks. This post will go over these rules and how you could get arrested for violating them.