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Drunk Driving Charges Archives

The legal implications of a spiked drink

You are not culpable for your actions unless you intended to commit them. The law has evolved to include numerous definitions for “intent” and how it is treated. Typically, you need an overt action that leads to the criminal behavior. Under this standard, the government willpresume intent if you choose to drink and drive and eventually hit and kill someone. Even though you were drunk and thus your reasoning was impaired, you choose to drink in the first place and to drive. Thus, the intent was present.

Are DUIs a deportable offense?

You have probably noticed the good or bad press (depending on your perspective) surrounding the recent crackdown on illegal immigration. You probably already know that breaking the law is justification for deportation. But, how does the government define breaking the law and how far does this interpretation go? Unfortunately, the mood of the White House often dictates which crimes are grounds for deportation and which are not. The net result is that everyday people are left unclear on where they stand.

Facing another DUI charge in Maryland?

There are plenty of people who enjoy going out with friends and unwinding by having a few drinks. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. After all, for those 21 and older, buying and drinking alcohol is a completely legal activity. However, while there are plenty of people who can have a few and call it a night, there are millions of people who are incapable of just having a few. Rather, one drink turns into five or more. For those same people -- the ones who cannot stop drinking once they start -- actions are also taken that most likely would not have happened had alcohol not been a factor.

What are DUI zero tolerance laws?

Almost all of us have been there before. In our younger days, we did things that we now know were ill-advised. Maybe it was because of peer pressure or maybe it was in the spirit of experiencing new things in life. Whatever the reason, we did it, we learned from it and we moved on. After all, experience is often the best teacher. But what happens if that youthful slip up ends in an arrest?

When should you plead guilty?

Pleading guilty is a viable strategy for certain people. It all depends on the circumstances of your arrest, your prior criminal record, and the nature of the charges pending against you. If you plead guilty, the prosecutor will typically agree to remove some charges and to lessen the sentence. Depending on when you plead guilty, the prosecutor may even take prison or a felony charge off the table. Therefore, when to plead guilty is just as important as whether or not you should. This post will go over some of the strategies that may impact your decision.

An update on drugged driving charges

Drugged driving is the new hot word that is being tossed around criminalists, police officers, and prosecutors. Drugged driving is the act of operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs. Drugged driving is a hot topic because of continued marijuana legalization. There is a concern that legalization will lead to more impaired (drugged) driving. This post will go over the latest updates in drugged driving, both legal and on-the-ground developments.

License suspension, revocation, and cancellation

The Maryland Vehicle Administration (MVA) is responsible for administering all vehicles in Maryland. The MVA issues licenses and manages those licenses. The MVA is the entity responsible for administrative actions, like license suspensions. This post will go over the three ways that the MVA can manage licenses.

DUI rates skyrocket after Uber and Lyft leave Austin

It seems every other week there is a news story about one city or another battling with Uber or Lyft over taxes, regulations or licensing. Austin, in an unusual twist, ejected any ride-sharing company that refused to comply with the City’s regulations for taxi services. The City touted it as a victory for public safety over zealous business pursuits, however, the reality is more nuanced. According to data from the Austin Police Department, DUI arrests have spiked since Uber and Lyft ceased operations within the city.

Probation and DUIs

Probation is a type of release from incarceration. Probation, unlike parole, is granted instead of incarceration. You continue to “serve” your sentence, but you get to do it from the comfort of your home and your normal life (subject to some restrictions). Probation imposes a series of restrictions and obligations that must be complied with or you face revocation of probation. Probation is a privilege, not a right. It can be taken away at any time.