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Child pornography cases are often referred to federal prosecutors in cases involving a large number of images and also with persons interacting with file-sharing networks. If you face a federal Internet crime, you need a defense lawyer who is well-versed in the rules, procedures and consequences of the federal court system.

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A prompt and thorough investigation in your federal Internet child pornography case may uncover evidence that can suppress evidence and result in a case dismissal. If the search and seizure of your computer, digital camera, cellphone or personal digital assistant (PDA) was improper, charges may be dismissed.

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Consequences of a Federal Child Pornography Conviction

Depending on the number of images that are cited in your federal child pornography charges, the ages of the children and the type of images depicted, you could face a federal prison sentence, even if you have no prior criminal record. While the United States Supreme Court has declared that the federal sentencing guidelines are no longer mandatory, they are still advisory for federal judges. The federal sentencing guidelines can be significantly high in any distribution or possession of child pornography case. Additionally, you could face lifetime supervision and lifetime registration by the federal probation division. An experienced lawyer can negotiate a significant downward departure or variance from the federal sentencing guidelines. Therefore, it’s important to assess whether your case can be successfully litigated, or whether cooperation and treatment are the best options. If you are facing charges in Hillsborough, Orange, or Pinellas County contact my firm.

If I serve as your attorney, I will be up-front about the consequences you face for any guilty plea, which may include prison time, treatment programs and sex offender registration. In many cases where the evidence is overwhelming, my clients enter treatment for a number of months before appearing in court. The result is that a great number of my clients’ cases are resolved in their favor.

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