Defense Options For Medicaid Fraud Charges

Medicaid fraud allegations must be taken seriously, as they can have stark ramifications. The Medicaid system provides coverage for certain individuals to get financial assistance with specific medical procedures and health care needs. Defrauding the system, often for financial gain, is something that the government watches closely. Facing such allegations could put your freedom and financial future in jeopardy.

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Who Can Be Accused Of Medicaid Fraud?

Medical providers and industry professionals are often accused of Medicaid fraud. Examples of potential fraud include things like:

  • Billing for services that are more expensive than those rendered
  • Billing when no medical services were provided at all
  • Offering medical services that aren’t necessary, just to bill them to Medicaid
  • Separating certain services when they should all be billed together
  • Billing repeatedly for the same service, so that Medicaid provides unnecessary coverage

Individuals who are on Medicaid can also face fraud accusations. These could relate to how they use the services they receive. For instance, you could be accused of conspiring with the provider to overcharge Medicaid. Fraud could also relate to Medicaid eligibility. You could face accusations of falsifying your information to make it appear that you qualify for Medicaid when you do not, for instance.

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