What Is Inappropriate Touching?

An individual can feel personally violated by certain kinds of touching, but that does not necessarily mean that a crime took place. Technical details about the nature of an interaction can provide a strong defense for you even if you have been accused of something as serious as a sex crime.

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How Does The Law Define Misconduct?

When you are charged with a sex offense, it is important to understand how the court will define inappropriate touching in your case. Inappropriate touching falls into two categories:

  • Touching that is sexual in nature: This is unsolicited or unwanted touching that involves a person’s genitals, buttocks or private parts. Evidence is less concrete if an individual believed the touching was sexual in nature, but it did not involve his or her genitals, buttocks or private parts.
  • Touching that is physical in nature: This is unsolicited or unwanted touching that involves physical harm or injury. Bruising, cuts or other visible harm provides concrete evidence of inappropriate contact.

An individual may claim that he or she was touched inappropriately by you, even if the touching just involved hands, shoulders, arms, the face, legs or feet. Evidence of this touching is far less concrete if there is no visible harm or harm backed by solid medical evidence.

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