Sex Offenses in Maryland

Being accused of a sex crime is a shattering experience, especially when those charges involve a minor. The stigma and consequences can last a lifetime, and you need a lawyer who defends sex crime cases on a regular basis.

I’m Charles L. Waechter, a criminal defense attorney with offices in Baltimore, Annapolis, Ocean City and Bel Air in Maryland. I’ve been defending people charged with sex crimes for more than 40 years. I investigate all aspects of the serious accusation, including issues related to search and seizure and suppression of evidence. I offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

I provide criminal defense representation for all sexual offense charges in Maryland, including:

The consequences of a sex crime conviction are devastating, and may include a long prison sentence and lifetime registration as a sex offender. I understand the overwhelming stigma and ongoing publicity attached to a criminal sexual conviction. As your defense lawyer, I will attempt to resolve your case as quickly as possible while not compromising your privacy and freedom.

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If you face criminal sexual misconduct charges in Maryland, contact me, criminal defense attorney Charles L. Waechter, for help.