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Child abuse and child sexual abuse charges can result in the loss of your freedom, your reputation and your parental rights. An experienced defense lawyer can help you take immediate steps to protect your rights and your future.

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Child Abuse and Child Sexual Abuse

In Maryland, child abuse usually involves acts such as striking a child on the face or beating a child. However, parents can be also be charged with misdemeanor child abuse for acts of corporeal punishment such as spanking a child with a belt or washing a child’s mouth out with soap.

Child sexual abuse is a felony that involves allegations of molestation, fondling, inappropriate touching of a child or rape of a minor.

Defenses in Child Abuse Cases

The first step in defending you against child abuse or child sexual abuse charges is to determine what, if anything, happened. These cases may be an outgrowth of a divorce case, in which the mother or father brings an allegation to get the upper hand in a dispute over child custody.

In many cases of child sexual abuse, the accused has already given statements to police authorities that tend to be incriminating. If you have given a statement or admission, I will deal with the issues, such as whether that statement was properly obtained. If possible, I will seek to suppress any statements so they cannot be used against you.

Treatment Programs

If your case will go to court, it’s important to enroll in a parenting class or sexual disorder treatment program. Voluntarily seeking treatment can make a big difference in the consequences you face if you are convicted.

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