College Sexual Misconduct Honor Board Hearings

Protecting College Students Accused Of Sex Crimes

Colleges and universities have strict honor code provisions regarding sexual behavior. College honor code hearing boards can suspend or even expel a student who is found to be in violation of these provisions, and in most cases students who are found guilty by honor code boards have lasting marks on their permanent records. These issues could profoundly limit or even destroy the future prospects for you or your child.

The stakes are high, so make sure you work with a lawyer who has exceptional knowledge and experience representing clients in these matters.

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I am Charles L. Waechter. As a criminal defense attorney for more than 35 years, I have a wealth of experience defending clients in the courtroom and before university honor code hearing boards in the Baltimore area, throughout Maryland and nationwide. I understand the challenges my clients face and the potential implications of these hearings, so I prepare thoroughly and represent clients effectively before their college and university honor code hearing boards.

Don’t Let Accusations Jeopardize The Future

In most cases, honor code hearings for violations of a sexual nature come in tandem with related criminal charges. According to most school honor codes, any type of sexual behavior that would be considered criminal under the law is also a violation of the honor code, as are some behaviors not necessarily criminal in nature.

Common violations of this kind can involve rape, offensive and intimidating words or gestures, nonconsensual or coercive sexual contact, inappropriate touching and related behaviors.

In all of these cases, I prepare thoroughly by gaining a full understanding of the school’s code and hearing procedures. I help my client be ready for the hearing and make sure his or her interests are protected throughout the process.

If you or your college-aged child is facing an honor code hearing, talk to me about your case. The future may depend on it.

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