Maryland swimming coach accused of sexual abuse of students

A Maryland swim coach is facing sex offense charges, and these charges carry severe penalties if he is convicted.

A former student of a swimming school in Maryland alleged that the founder of the school sexually abused her over a five-year period in the 1980s. The coach has been charged criminally because of the allegations. He faces serious penalties if convicted of these charges.

Swimming school founder accused of child abuse

The 53-year-old swimming coach started a swimming school called Maryland Suburban Swimming School, located in Laurel, in 1986. A former student contacted Maryland police in March 2014 and reported that the coach had touched her inappropriately numerous times between January 1984 and September 1989. The coach acted as a babysitter for the girl’s family on occasion, and that is when the alleged abuse occurred according to court papers. The girl was 7 years old at the time the alleged abuse began.

The coach is facing one count of child abuse and one count each of committing a second-degree sex offense and a third-degree sex offense because of the woman’s allegations. The coach also ran the Fairland Sports and Aquatic Complex’s swimming program, and police suspect that the coach may have harmed more children. They informed parents of students involved in the program of the charges against the coach.

Penalties for sex offenses

The penalties for the charges the coach is facing are severe. A second-degree sex offense is a felony in Maryland, and a conviction for such a charge results in a prison sentence between 15 years and life. The court may not suspend any part of the 15-year minimum. A third-degree sex offense is also a felony and carries a prison term of up to 10 years for those who are convicted. Sexual abuse of a child is also a felony. A person convicted of sexual abuse of a child faces up to 25 years in prison.

Defending against sex offense charges

Because of the serious penalties that convictions for sex offenses carry, it is crucial that those facing such charges have the assistance of an attorney with broad experience defending against sex offense charges. Merely being accused of a sex offense can turn a person’s life upside down, so it is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible to mitigate the damage that such charges can do. If you are facing charges for a sex offense, talk to a seasoned Maryland sex offense lawyer who can help you refute the allegations.

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