Child pornography charges filed against church youth leader

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Being accused of possession and distribution of child pornography is serious and can have life-changing consequences. The charges generally come after a search of a person’s home, where investigators seize a computer and allegedly find downloaded pornographic images. 

According to Baltimore County police, this is exactly what happened recently to the leader of a youth group from a local church. The man was recently arrested and charged with possession of child pornography as well as distribution of it. He was being held on a $150,000 bond.   

The arrest and charges stem from an investigation conducted by the Baltimore County Police department’s Crimes Against Children Unit. The investigation prompted police officers to seize the man’s computer as well as other materials from his home.

Allegedly, thousands of pornographic images of children, ranging in age from infants to prepubescent girls, had been downloaded to the man’s computer. The images had also been shared online with other people. 

The man is a volunteer at a local church and a leader of a youth group there. Police have released a statement indicating that although the investigation is ongoing, there is no evidence that any children depicted in the seized images were church members. The police have also said that there is no evidence that the arrested man had sexually abused any children.

A person charged with child pornography is entitled to a vigorous defense. Whether or not the search and seizure was according to constitutional requirements needs to be explored. An experienced attorney can help a client in this type of situation evaluate the options on the table.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, “Cockeysville youth group leader charged with child pornography,” Jon Meoli, Jan. 13, 2014

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