Former Baltimore police officer caught in prostitution sting

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Baltimore-area residents may be familiar with reading about undercover police operations that lead to prostitution arrests. In an unusual twist, a former officer with the Baltimore police department has pled guilty to pimping charges.

The 32-year-old man was arrested during a child-sex trafficking operation conducted by the Maryland State Police. According to the charges, last year the man had been using the Internet to advertise the services of his 19-year-old wife and an additional female resident in his home. He also facilitated the solicitation and prostitution by renting an apartment and hotel rooms, as well as transporting the women to the locations.

Officials said in an indictment last year the man’s wife had agreed to be subservient to him, and had even entered into a slavery “contract” with him. According to the charges, the ex-officer brought the women to the meetings he had set up online and brought his police-issued weapon with him. He allegedly told them that if the men misbehaved, he would intervene. Officials said he kept all the money that his wife earned and collected a portion of the money that the other woman collected.

This month, he pleaded guilty to the charges in federal court. The former officer is scheduled for a sentencing hearing in May; he could face up to a five-year prison sentence. Police officers have a difficult job, but even so, they are not above the law. The man’s former status as a law enforcement officer won’t decrease his sentence once he begins serving it.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, “Former Baltimore officer pleads guilty to pimping teenage wife,” Ian Duncan, Jan. 22, 2014

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