Registered sex offender enters school; is charged for violations

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A man registered as a sex offender was arrested by police for entering a school. Sex offender registration for this man indicates that he is not allowed to do this. In short, he violated his registration because he entered the school without expressed consent to do so. The man was then charged by officials in Queen Anne, Maryland.

Documents in the case state that the man entered the school last November. He told people there that he was there to drop off his child. As he did so, he wrote his name on a sign-in sheet for the school. As a Tier III sex offender, who has been labeled as such for abuse of a child, the man is not allowed to be in close proximity to children in a school setting. The man is listed on the Maryland sex offender registry. He was sentenced and convicted of his crimes in 2002 in Baltimore.

Every three months, Tier III sex offenders are required to read and sign a document stating they know their restrictions. Among these restrictions: not entering a primary or secondary school without prior written permission. The man lacked this permission, and as a result, he was arrested.

Sex offenders in Maryland need to be aware that because they may have to register for years, even decades — sometimes for the rest of their lives — their movements will be heavily restricted and violations will be reported to the appropriate authorities. When they run afoul of these requirements, attorneys who work on sex crimes defense cases can be of assistance.

Source: The Star Democrat, “Sex Offender Arrested for Entering School,” Josh Bollinger, Jan. 17, 2014

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