37-year-old man charged with 3 counts of human trafficking

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A lot of attention is being paid by prosecutors and the press on the topic of human trafficking. Those who are charged and ultimately convicted may face harsh legal penalties. Allegations of trafficking in prostitution often come about following a police undercover sting operation, as happened recently in Howard County, Maryland.

Acting on a tip, detectives staked out a motel where alleged prostitution activity was taking place. Police had information that led them to believe that the man was involved in the activity in multiple mid-Atlantic states, and had posted online ads as well.

The 37-year old man was seen repeatedly entering and exiting three different rooms at the motel, along with two women. The three also got into a gold-colored car that the tipster had described to them.

Armed with this information, police decided to act. Tactical units swarmed each of the three rooms police had been watching. The man was found in one of them, and was arrested without incident.

He has been charged with operating a prostitution business as well as three counts of human trafficking. If convicted, the man faces severe penalties as well as the possibility of having to register as a sex offender with state officials in Maryland and wherever else he might reside.

Anyone charged with serious sex crimes such as human trafficking might seek the help of an experienced defense attorney. Defendants deserve to have their constitutional rights protected. The evidence needs to be carefully considered and the defendant can decide with counsel the best way to proceed.

Source: WBAL-TV, “Howard County police charge man with human trafficking,” Saliqa Khan, Jan. 31, 2014

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