$50,000 bail for Baltimore sex offender

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A judge in Baltimore decided to set a $50,000 bail for a man who has been convicted of sex crimes and then failed to register as a sex offender. This was not the first time that the man had failed to do so, but the third, which caused the prosecution to say that he is certainly a threat to the public. They also wondered if he would come back to court.

At first, the judge determined that the man should be held without bail for his of the sex offender registration offense, taking these same concerns into account. However, the man asked if he could have a bail amount determined so that he could post it and await his trial without having to stay behind bars. A landscaping company had just hired him, and he thought that the company may fire him if he was not able to at least go to work.

That is when the judge decided to put the $50,000 bail on the case. At last report, the man had not posted that amount, and he was still being held.

Failing to register as a sex offender when ordered to by the court is a crime all on its own, on top of the initial sexual offense. Those who have been accused of failing to do so, however, do have a right to explain themselves and to seek a trial if they so desire. Like all others who have charges against them, they deserve for this trial to be fair and just, and that could include asking for a fair bail amount that matches the crime.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, “Aberdeen man charged with failing to file as sex offender” Krishana Davis, Apr. 10, 2014

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