Baltimore police looking for sexual assault suspects

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The police in Baltimore are currently looking for a man who has been implicated in a pair of sexual assault cases, and they are now asking for people in the area where the assaults took place to help them keep an eye out for him. They have even stated that there is a reward of around $2,000 if anyone is able to provide credible information that leads directly to the man’s arrest. On top of that, they have put out a sketch of the man and a description, seeing as how both of the women who were assaulted were able to give them fairly good descriptions of their attacker.

Other than that, the police have not made much of the information public at this time. It is known that the women were around 20 years old, and they were both at home when the sexual abuse took place. It is not clear if the man forced his way into their homes or if they already knew him and they allowed him to come inside.

The events were fairly spread out, both having happened in a 15-month period. However, the man was said to be wearing a knit cap and a vest like a construction worker would wear the last time that he was seen. While it is unlikely that he still would fit this description, police hope that someone may have seen him that night.

When a person is arrested for any type of sex crime, or even for a pair of crimes, they deserve fair trials for all of the charges that are brought against them.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, “Police seeking suspect in two sexual assaults in Northeast Baltimore” Carrie Wells, Mar. 29, 2014

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