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In Maryland, if you’re charged with a sex crime, you have the right to be heard. You shouldn’t have to face the scrutiny of this kind of allegation alone, and with some help, you may be able to protect yourself and your family. No one is safe from these kinds of charges, and they can come from seemingly nowhere.

In this case discussed on April 9, a 20-year-old man is facing several sexual abuse charges for allegedly abusing a toddler left in his care. The Anne Arundel County police stated that the man had been wanted in connection with the child sex abuse charges following an investigation of the situation. That investigation started on March 21, according to their reports.

The police investigators reported that a toddler had allegedly been sexually abused over several days when left with the 20-year-old man. There is allegedly evidence of this abuse that was collected during the investigation, and detectives have submitted the paperwork for a statement of charges to serve to the man.

Right now, the 20-year-old has been taken into custody. He was served with a warrant to which he would have had to comply, and it said that he was being charged with sex abuse of a minor, according to police. He had also been charged with third- and fourth-degree sex offenses, the production and possession of child pornography and second-degree assault. The police have not released any information on the evidence they have at this time.

The identity and age of the alleged victim hasn’t yet been reported to the news. The office also didn’t discuss what they found as far as the child pornography in the young man’s possession. The investigation is still ongoing, so it may be that more facts will become clear as time passes.

Source: WBAL TV 11, “Man arrested in connection with child sex abuse charges” Saliqa Khan, Apr. 09, 2014

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