Sex abuse charges for Baltimore police officer

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A police officer in Baltimore was recently brought to court and indicted in a case that revolves around multiple sex abuse charges. The court documents show that these charges include sexual solicitation of a minor, three sex offense charges in the third degree, and three separate counts of prostitution.

This indictment is the next step in a case that has been going on since the arrest was made in March of 2014. At that time, other police officers acted on a tip that they got showing that the man may have been involved with a young girl in Columbia, a girl who was only 14 at the time.

The whole thing began when an online source advertised a way to get in touch with the girl, which the police officer then used. He and the girl sent text messages back and forth, and then they agreed to meet. Not only did this happen on the first occasion, but the two repeated the process two more times afterwards.

All of this took place back in 2013, between May and January, though it then took police until March to build their case and arrest the officer.

When it comes to child sexual abuse cases, those who have been accused of the crimes need to know that they have a right to representation in the courtroom so that they do not have to attempt to defend themselves on their own. These cases are often the type that a judge and jury can become emotionally involved in, but the defendant does have the right to make sure that those emotions do not keep him or her from a fair ruling.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, “Baltimore police officer indicted on sex abuse charges” Luke Lavoie, Apr. 15, 2014

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