Doctor in Baltimore arrested for sexual abuse

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A doctor in Baltimore has posted bail to get out of jail, but he is now awaiting trial. He was charged with sex offenses that reportedly took place while he was at work, offenses that allegedly involved patients. The reports that a patient gave to the police led to the man’s arrest. The doctor is 75 years old.

The sexual abuse charges stemmed from a visit where a patient alleges that she was subjected to inappropriate behavior, saying that the doctor touched her in a fashion that was not within the boundaries of the visit. The woman was suffering from back pain, which led her to call the doctor in the first place. She simply went in to have him examine her to learn more about the pain.

While she was there, though, she claims that the doctor told her that she should burn off some calories though “sexersize”. She also claims that he touched her in inappropriate parts of her body that did not relate to the back pain.

When police responded, they said that the doctor acted in a strange fashion, claiming that he asked if the visit was about a sexual offense without being prompted. They also said that there could be at least one other victim, though they are still investigating that along with the rest of the case.

Doctors often have to be put into situations in which they are in physical contact with a patient’s body, and misunderstandings can sometimes lead to allegations that those doctors may feel are unfounded. Anyone who has been accused of sexual assault in a situation like this needs to look into his or her options for a strong defense and clearing his or her name.

Source: WBAL TV, “Baltimore doctor faces sex offense, assault charges” Barry Simms, Apr. 29, 2014

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