Man indicted for child pornography in Maryland

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In Maryland, a man has recently been charged for producing, distributing and possessing child pornography. It’s important to know that in cases like these where you’re accused of a serious federal crime, you have the right to defend yourself and to have privacy. It’s not uncommon for the media to become involved due to the type of crime this is, but you don’t have to let it ruin your reputation.

In this man’s case, he’s been indicted by the federal grand jury, according to a May 5 update. The 41-year-old man is accused of producing images of two minor females who were engaged in sexually explicit conduct. The news claims that the photos seem to have been taken without the alleged victims’ knowledge, as one was sleeping and the other was using the restroom. It’s also claimed that the man distributed and possessed other images of child pornography, some of which included images of children being sexually abused.

If the man is found to be guilty, he faces a mandatory minimum sentence according to the law in Maryland. The minimum sentence is 15 years, although he could be imprisoned for up to 30 years for each of the two counts of the production of child pornography. There is a minimum of five years and a maximum of 20 years in prison for the distribution of child pornography as well. He would also serve a maximum of 20 years in prison for up to four counts of possession of child pornography.

An indictment doesn’t mean he’s guilty, and he will be assumed to be innocent until it’s proven otherwise. The man will now have to go through criminal proceedings. Like in this case, if you’re facing these kinds of charges, you can defend yourself against the charges. Convictions are serious, and they can lead to years in prison due to the mandatory minimum sentencing.

Source: Maryland News Zap, “Man indicted on charges of producing, distributing and possessing child porn” No author given, May. 05, 2014

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