Man faces multiple sexual assault charges in Maryland, New Jersey

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For 2006 to 2011, a man from Parsippany has allegedly been sexually abusing a young boy, who is now 15 years old. He was recently sentenced in New Jersey for this crime, and he is looking at a prison term of 12 years. The man is 46 years old.

There are a few interesting aspects of this case that make it stand out, such as the fact that the man is also facing charges for his actions in multiple courts in Maryland. Two counties have brought cases against him that have yet to conclude, but in the one county in which the sentencing has been done, he got a prison term of 25 years.

However, the man is not going to have to serve any of those years behind bars, as he will only be required to carry out the sentence in New Jersey.

Another interesting point is that the judge allowed a plea deal to go through. His reasoning for doing this, he said, was that he felt that a full trial would be too difficult for the young boy and for his family members. This deal was a way to reach a conclusion without actually having to go to trial.

The 46-year-old man was originally very defensive of the accusations that the boy made. He even said that the boy was a pathological liar. However, in multiple cases, he ended up pleading guilty.

When there are accusations of child sexual abuse being leveled against someone in multiple states, it is crucial that he or she knows exactly what is required if convicted — or if he or she pleads guilty — in multiple courts. With this knowledge, defendants can make sure that they only serve the proper amount of time.

Source: Daily Record, “Parsippany sex abuser gets 12-year prison term” Peggy Wright, Aug. 01, 2014

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