Man talking with teen faces sex offense charges across country

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Reports about a man who was flying to see a teen he had met online has resulted in him being indicted for the alleged sexual solicitation of a minor. The teen, who lives in Anne Arundel County, had been speaking to the man online. The only reason the police were able to be informed was because the teen’s father had used spyware on his daughter’s phone and computer to determine who she was talking to online.

The man, a 25-year-old from California, had allegedly been talking to the teen online. He had gone as far as to schedule a trip from California to Annapolis, where he planned to meet the girl. At the point when authorities were contacted, they were able to contact the man and ask him about his intentions to fly to Maryland to meet the teen. He told them he planned to stay at a hotel in Annapolis and that he knew the teen’s age.

The man had not flown into the state or participated in any sexual acts with the teen, but police were able to extradite him to Maryland to charge him with four counts of sexual solicitation of a minor. He was also charged with soliciting child pornography and displaying obscene materials to a minor.

This case is interesting to consider, since the teen involved knew what she was doing. If the father was able to tell that the two had planned to meet up, then it was known to the teen as well. Now, this man is facing charges, but the teen has to answer for nothing of her part in the situation.

If you’ve been charged with sex offenses in Maryland, you may have found yourself in a similar situation. There are ways to help protect your reputation; learning about your legal options is a good way to start.

Source: Baltimore Sun, “California man indicted on allegations he solicited Arundel teen” Jul. 28, 2014

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