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Due to recent changes in Maryland law individuals on the Maryland Sex Offender Registry now have an opportunity to be removed from the registry. In 2013, the Maryland high court issued a ruling in Doe v. Department of Public Safety and Corrections holding that the retroactive application of the laws regarding registration is unconstitutional. Just this year the Court reaffirmed its holding in Department of Public Safety and Corrections v. Doe and Hershberger v. Roe and indicated that removal from the Registry is the proper remedy for those affected.

My office has been in the forefront of litigation initiated to assist individuals in having their information removed from the Registry as well as relieving them of their future obligation to register. Our first case, filed shortly after the first Doe decision, was a resounding success resulting in the client obtaining a court order indicating that he was not only no longer required to register in Maryland but also ordered the Department to removed his name and any other identifying information from the state registry. This ended a decade’s old nightmare of unfair treatment for my client.

Since that time I have filed numerous other cases with the same result. In some of these cases the event and/or conviction occurred prior to 1995, when the Registry Act became law. In others, the type of offense did not originally require registration but the individual was later forced to register due to amendments in the law. In still other cases the original term of registration was extended from ten years to lifetime. In each of these scenarios I have had success in removing clients from the registry and ending years of humiliation and public embarrassment.

If you believe you are on the Registry unfairly or if your term of registration has changed over the years contact my office to discuss your case. There is no charge for the initial consultation to discuss the options available to you under the new case law in Maryland.   Contact our firm today!

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