Over 2,000 Maryland sex offenders’ information not public

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The Collaborative Offender Management Enforced Treatment program in Maryland is tasked with tracking more than 2,000 of the state’s sex offenders; however, identifying details of these offenders, such as addresses, are not public information. This mass of sex offenders includes those who have been convicted of violent sexual crimes.

One sex offender monitored by COMET told a news investigative team that he has undergone polygraph testing to determine whether he has been truthful and how likely it is that he would commit another sex crime in the future. Agents with COMET visit the offenders once a month, asking questions about their personal relationships, finances and employment. The agents record their findings, as well as their observations, on a score sheet that indicates if the offender is likely to re-offend. In addition to agent visits, a state official reported that offenders who have been convicted of child pornography are also under computer monitoring.

Inclusion on Maryland’s sex offender registry can have a significant impact on your life. Not only could you be subjected to monthly visits from COMET agents, you are required to keep your address and other information continuously updated. Registered sex offenders often have limitations as to where they can live and work, and there have been cases where a community has harassed an offender so much that he or she has had to move away.

A criminal defense attorney can provide advice and guidance on how to approach your charges. While there is never a guarantee on how your case will turn out, an attorney can work to build a strong defense against the charges you face.

Source: NBC Washington, “Confidential List of Sex Offenders Tracked by Maryland State Investigators” Oct. 17, 2014

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