The curious sex crime case of teacher and student (Pt. 1)

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Before we get to a specific incident, let’s talk about a difficult subject: sex crimes. The circumstances of such crimes vary wildly, but in general, these are crimes that deal with very sensitive issues, and they are often looked upon with horror by most people — so much so that convicted sex offenders are often considered among the worst, if not the worst, criminals in the world.

What we can all agree on is that these crimes should never happen. They are very unfortunate, and no one condone’s such acts. However, there is an equally important agreement that everyone should be able to make: people who are accused of sex crimes are innocent until proven guilty, and they deserve a fair trial so that their case can be heard.

As bad as a sexually-based crime is for the victim — and it is indescribably bad — the fate of the offender is also quite terrible. They will be put on a sex offender registry list, making it impossible for them to live in certain areas and hold certain jobs. It will also strain their relationships with almost everyone they once knew, and anyone they come to know will likely eventually learn of what they did. Having the mark of a sex offender will haunt a person wherever he or she goes, and that’s why it’s so important for them to have the chance to defend themselves.

Considering these factors, prepare yourself for a conflicting and unfortunate sex crime case that involves a teacher and his student — the teacher himself a victim of a sex crime perpetrated by his teacher when he was a student. We’ll bring you this story in our next blog post.

Source:, “A Teacher’s Betrayal,” Mark Mueller, Nov. 10, 2014

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