Drug charges leave the accused with a heavy burden

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Most Baltimore residents remember the television show “The Wire,” an intense drama about drugs, corruption, the police and many, many other issues going on in Baltimore, Maryland. It was a thrilling series that many people know about, but the real life version of “The Wire” plays out every day, and not just in Baltimore. There are plenty of good people who get caught up in the drug trade — and when they are caught by the authorities, their lives are never the same.

Drug charges are fiercely prosecuted, and they carry massive penalties. People who are accused of such drug crimes are often villainized — and to be fair, dealing drugs is not a good career choice.

Still, these are people we are talking about, and people accused of drug crimes face a serious problem. The jail time, the financial penalties, the criminal history that will stay with them for a long time: all of these things can absolutely ruin a person’s life.

All told, these factors mean it is absolutely vital for someone accused of drug crimes to get an experienced criminal defense attorney by their side. The prosecutors and police will viciously pursue your case, and it is likely that they will throw every charge possible at you to try to get the maximum jail time possible — a convenient way for prosecutors to construct a “career-making” case.

If you are accused of drug crimes, give the Law Offices of Charles L. Waechter a call. We’ll do everything we can to prevent that prosecutor from making a career case out of your situation.

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Do You Have a Defense?

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