Maryland woman accused of multiple theft crimes

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As most people are aware, people in this country have many rights. Fortunately, those who are suspected of crimes are protected from wrongful arrests and convictions by various safeguards. Because the average person may be unaware of all his or her rights — and what action to take if such rights are violated — many people accused of a crime seek the guidance of an experienced attorney. One woman in Maryland is currently navigating the criminal justice system after being accused of theft crimes.

The 67-year-old woman was reportedly an employee of an assisted living facility. As the office manager, reports indicate that she had access to the company’s financial records. She is now accused of stealing over $350,000 from the business and hiding the thefts by making them look like legitimate business expenses. She now faces multiple felony charges as a result.

The owner of the facility apparently became suspicious after seeing a credit card statement that appeared to contain multiple personal charges. She contacted the police, which resulted in a lengthy investigation. Police now believe the woman used the company credit card for personal purchases and manipulated the checkbook to hide other personal expenditures. The owner claims she thought the business was simply going through a difficult period.

One of the most important rights for those accused of theft crimes, as well as other charges, is the right to an attorney. An experienced attorney in Maryland can examine the evidence against an accused person and attempt to have some or all of it excluded from trial. Additionally, he or she can seek to negotiate a plea deal with prosecutors while simultaneously preparing to go to trial and fighting to preserve the rights of each client. In that manner, the accused will be in the best position to choose how to proceed in court.

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