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In our last post, we talked about Cyber Monday and how the day of the most online sales is also a reminder that the day is also a huge target for internet crime. Following up on that post comes some news from the Pew research center, which seems to indicate that while internet crime will never truly be a thing of the past, people are taking steps to improve online security.

That still doesn’t mean that every person or business is safe. Specifically in relation to the latter, small businesses are often targeted by internet criminals. Since small businesses often lack the resources to fully protect their systems and online presence, they become easy targets for those with tremendous computer skills.

Even though the Pew Research report says that internet criminals will only become more skilled and adept, they also allude to improved security protocols. Everything is progressing, after all, and so even while people get better at cracking codes and breaking firewalls, so too will people get better at making stronger firewalls and even more intricate codes.

With all this in mind, we mentioned in our last post that sometimes people inadvertently or unknowingly access information in a way that can be constituted as a crime. Sometimes this really does happen, and the people who unknowingly broke a law are pursued and hit with serious penalties as a result. The intricate nature of these offenses make it essential to seek out a criminal defense attorney so that every detail and issue can be handled appropriately.

Source:, “Pew Research on cyber crime predictions,” William Atkinson, Nov. 24, 2014

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