Addressing search and seizure issues in criminal defense

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Police investigations can be a tricky area for criminal defense attorneys to address. On the one hand, police officers are public servants and have the task of protecting the public from criminals. Prosecutors largely rely on the investigative work of police officers for their evidence at trial, so they clearly play a critical role in the justice system in more than one way.

On the other hand, police officers are not infallible and can certainly abuse their power and authority. This, of course, is an issue that has been in the news with increasing frequency in recent months. When a police officer violates a criminal suspect’s constitutional or other legal rights, the issue has to be addressed in some fashion. 

Oftentimes legal issues can arise with respect to searches and seizures. Part of the reason for this is that police officers can get caught up in a catching what they believe to be a criminal and can end up trampling on the suspect’s privacy or other legal rights.

For those who are charged with crimes stemming from a search or seizure they feel may have been improper, it is important to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney to have one’s case evaluated and to determine whether there are any legal remedies available. If the issue is serious enough, it could lead to charges being dropped. In other cases, it may seriously weaken prosecution’s case if illegally obtained evidence is able to be excluded from trial.  Whatever the circumstances may be, an experienced attorney can help ensure that one receives the best possible advocacy. 

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